The Complete Truck Accident Document Checklist to Show Your Lawyer

This blog post will provide you with a complete truck accident document checklist. These documents will ensure your lawyer has everything they need to build a strong truck accident case against the trucking company.

According to research, thousands of truck accidents happen in the US every year. These accidents often result in serious injuries and sometimes even death. Such an accident could leave you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do next.

That’s why it’s important to have a truck accident personal injury lawyer on your side. However, before you call a lawyer, it’s crucial to gather all the proper documents and compile them into a comprehensive truck accident document checklist that will serve as evidence.


1. Include Medical Records in a Truck Accident Document Checklist

Your medical records will provide evidence of the truck accident injury or injuries you’ve suffered and the treatment you’ve received because of the injuries.

When it comes to a truck accident document checklist, you must include medical records to prove both the severity and causation of your injuries. Some of the information that will be in your medical records include:

  • The date of your appointments
  • A list of the treatments that you received at each appointment
  • The cost of the treatments
  • Any type of diagnostic testing, such as x-rays or MRIs

Your medical records will also show the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of the truck accident. To obtain your medical records, either contact your doctor or the hospital and request copies of your records. In some cases, there may be a fee associated with getting your medical records.


2. Medical Bills

Apart from your medical records, you’ll also need to provide your lawyer with a copy of all the medical bills incurred due to the accident. These medical bills will help calculate the amount of money you’re owed in damages, so you are not left paying for the expensive costs of medical treatment. Some of the common types of medical bills that truck accident victims incur include:

  • Hospital Bills: If you were rushed to the hospital after the accident, you’ll have a hospital bill. This bill will detail all the treatments administered, as well as the cost of each treatment.
  • Doctor’s Bills: In addition to your hospital bills, you’ll also have doctor’s bills. These bills will detail all the office visits and the cost of each visit.
  • Physical Therapy Bills: If you are required to undergo physical therapy due to your injuries, then you will have physical therapy bills. These bills will detail all the sessions of physical therapy, as well as the cost of each session.
  • Prescription Costs: If you were prescribed medication due to your injuries, then you will have prescription costs. These costs will detail the cost of each prescription.


3. Photos and Video Evidence of the Accident Scene

truck accident document checklist

If you have any photos and videos of the accident scene, they’re super essential and should be on your truck accident document checklist. Be sure to give copies to your lawyer, as they can serve as valuable evidence in your case. For instance, if debris on the road caused the accident, taking a photo of it can help prove who was at fault.

An attorney can also get footage of a dashcam if it was installed into the truck or 18-wheeler that hit you. It’ll help support your story and could be used as evidence in court.


4. Witness Information and Statements

If you collected witness information after the accident, this would be helpful to your truck accident lawyer. Your personal injury attorney can use the statements from witnesses to:

  • Prove how the truck accident happened
  • Determine who is at fault for causing the accident
  • Show that you weren’t at fault for causing the accident

In addition to witness statements, your lawyer will also want to know the contact information for the truck driver, the employer of the trucker, and other involved parties. This will allow your lawyer to get in touch with them and collect their side of the story.


5. Tickets or Citations

In some car accidents, one of the drivers will be given a ticket or citation by the law enforcement officer that responded to the accident. This is usually given when there is a clear violation of a traffic law that contributed to the accident.

For example, if the truck driver was speeding and hit a smaller vehicle that had the right of way, the speeding trucker would likely be given a ticket. The tickets can also provide information about what traffic law was violated.

Even if you were partially responsible for the truck accident, make sure to notify the police. The police provide a police report that will be needed for your truck accident document checklist. If you played a role in causing the crash, you could still qualify for compensation with an experienced truck accident lawyer.


6. Copies of Your Insurance Policy

truck accident document checklist

This document will help your truck accident lawyer understand what type of coverage you have and what they can expect from the insurance company. If you don’t have a physical copy of your insurance policy, most companies will be able to provide you with an electronic version.

Even if you weren’t at fault for the truck accident, make sure you get a copy of the truck driver’s insurance, as well as their employer’s information. Your insurance company may contact the truck driver’s insurance company to start negotiations.


7. Police Report and Records

After the accident, it’s crucial to call the police so they can come to the scene and assess what happened. The police will then create a report that’ll document everything about the accident. This includes information such as:

  • The names, contact information, and insurance company of all drivers
  • The make, model, and license plate number of all vehicles involved
  • The names and contact information of any witnesses
  • A diagram of how the accident happened
  • The weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • The road conditions at the time of the accident

This police report will be helpful when filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer will be able to use the police report to help prove how the accident happened and who was at fault.


The Ultimate Truck Accident Document Checklist

If you’ve been in a truck accident, it’s important to gather all necessary documents so you can show them to your lawyer.

Having all of the evidence and information that your lawyer needs will give you the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Go through this truck accident document checklist and gather whatever you don’t have yet, then contact a professional personal injury lawyer.

If you’re not sure what to do after a truck accident, or if you have any questions about the claims process, contact us at West Accident Law Group today. We have professional auto accident lawyers in Westminster, CA who can guide you through the process and help you get the compensation you deserve.


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